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New Book Sheds Light on Prophet Muhammad’s Interfaith Views


No other leader in world history has been more scrutinized and ridiculed than Prophet Muhammad. Since the founding of Islam in 632 AD, Christians and Jews have described the Prophet of Allah as a blasphemer, bigot, terrorist, and pedophile, among other slurs. However, according to a new book The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World (published by Angelico Press, 2013), these accusations are found to be dishonest, prejudiced, and not based on sound scholarship.

Dr. John Andrew Morrow, author of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad, is a scholar who received his PhD from the University of Toronto and completed the full cycle of Islamic seminary studies. He was raised in a multilingual family in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. Morrow is also a Native North American of the Metis nation and proudly identifies himself as an “Aboriginal Person.”

In his book, Morrow applies a documentary analysis of textual and historical research to the covenants created by Muhammad. Notable American poet, Charles Upton, notes in the foreword that these documents — letters, covenants, treaties — which Morrow accesses “have largely been neglected by both traditional Muslim and modern western scholarship, and are practically unknown to the mass of believers.” In reviewing Muslim, Christian, and secular documentary sources, Morrow’s study of the covenants of the Prophet brings “out their light in this period of darkness in which the People of Scripture, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, have strayed from their sacred traditions of tolerance and co-existence.”

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad provides a detailed account of Muhammad’s character and conduct as seen through his lifelong encounters with Christian hermits, monks, priests, and communities. Morrow states that these experiences confirm that Muhammad had “confidence in his ability to count on the spiritual solidarity of the People of the Book,” or members of the Abrahamic tradition. Morrow also affirmed that Muhammad “had much more in common with the followers of Christ than with the idol-worshippers who surrounded him.”

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24 thoughts on “New Book Sheds Light on Prophet Muhammad’s Interfaith Views

  1. every faith and a true preacher leads the mankind on path of humanity and spiritualism without exerting the false myths and notions,which are actually created by the people who flock around him.Compassion and humanity are the true religions of mankind and every religion has said the same thing and has the same thoughts ,when we show fanaticism and rigidity,we forget being humans.


    1. With due respect to your standpoint. May I disagree with your point on all religions say the same things that are incorrect. Every religion has a different creed and faith. Also, compassion and humanity are not religion for mankind because they are adjectives. May you tell us briefly, what is humanity? And what are the foundations that established humanity? The big question remains that the truth is not multiple is always one and should come from one source.


      1. Surprisingly , the reply on this very old comment of 2013, interests. Although every religion has a different definition and way of reaching the supreme or attaining the level of transcendence, they all are same. Humanity need not be defined or held in a particular chamber or book, it is the consciousness of one to behave and act with others. A human ought to be humane is the foremost principle, else we could have been better as animals .
        Yes, truth is one, and it comes from one but the way I see it, the way you see it or others shall be different as an object seen by everyone of us appears different from different angles.


  2. There was a long tradition of cooperation between the People of the Book (Muslim, Christians, and Jews) and at one time they shared worship centers such as the Grand Mosque in Damascus, Syria which was originally a Christian Church. That worship center was shared by all three faiths and members of each of those faiths actually socialized together and even attended each others high religious services. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had a high tolerance for all of the People of the Book. Further, Jews and Christians shared that tolerance when it came to Muslims. It was the Christian King of Ethiopia who gave some of the first Muslims refuge from the Meccans. The Meccans demanded the Muslims be turned over to them but the Christians refused and, instead, gave the Muslims permanent sanctuary in their Christian kingdom.

    Today the world is in a great darkness and, sadly, religion is being used to increase that darkness. It could easily be turned into shedding light into this dark world if mankind so desired. But that seems not to be the case today, sadly. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have strayed from the traditions of coexistence and tolerance just as is stated in this article. We all talk about being on the straight path yet I can’t help but wonder why so many people today are not on it in many aspects.

    When it comes to the Holy Qur’an it is stated very simple. Surah 2:62 states plainly that Muslims, Christians, and Jews who believe in God and who do what is right in their lives will enter into Paradise. How much more plain could that be? Early Muslims respected not just Mosques but also Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues. Why? Because the Qur’an teaches that we are suppose to respect such houses of worship for it is in them that Allah (God) is worshipped by the Faithful. So why are Muslims destroying Synagogues and Churches today? The People of the Book are suppose to be brethren although you’d never know it today unfortunately.

    As for the gross and detestable accusations waged against Mohammad (pbuh) they are both unjust and unfounded and anyone with any basic knowledge of Islam knows such immediately. Of course similar unjust and unfounded accusations have been waged against Jesus (pbuh), Moses, and even Abraham, et al. Such accusations are waged by those who stand against God and by those who simply are not informed about much of anything period. Much of this comes as a result of mankind always needing demons. People tend to demonize something they fear and/or don’t understand. Once we demonize something or someone it becomes easier for us to attack it unjustly and push false information while skewing the facts. Many times such misinformation is laughable because it is so preposterous and unfounded. Yet, sadly, many people will believe the myths while ignoring truth.

    Finally, as the Qur’an clearly teaches once again the only duty of a Muslim is to speak what he/she believes in an attempt to enlighten the unbeliever. It is NOT a Muslims duty to force anyone to convert to Islam. If the unbeliever converts then great. If he/she does not then it becomes a matter between the person and Allah. Meanwhile the Muslim is to be on his/her way as the Qur’an forbids forced conversion to Islam. The Prophet did NOT force anyone to become a Muslim but, in fact, tolerated other faiths and respected them. So why do we not do the same today?

    I have no doubt that Muslims, Christians, and Jews can live side by side in peace, mutual respect, tolerance, and brotherhood as was the case in the days that the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) walked this earth. But it requires a return to the Prophet’s teachings just as for the Christians and Jews a return to the teachings of their faiths founders is also required. In short, we ALL must return to the Path for we ALL have strayed! When will that day come? Very soon I hope IF the People of the Book make it happen. And WE WILL!


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