Upcoming Boston Festival to Promote Irish Culture

Boston's iFest will promote Irish culture and tourism to IrelandBoston, where more than 20 percent of residents have Irish ancestry, is hosting the inaugural iFest festival, a $4 million event created by the Irish hospitality industry and politicians to promote Irish culture.

According to the Boston Globe, iFest is a tool to increase tourism to Ireland. “It really will immerse visitors in the best of Irish culture,” said Rachel Kelly, the chief executive and founder of iFest. “The goal is to give people a fabulous Irish experience.”

The Boston Globe notes that iFest will feature cooking demonstrations and food seminars from well-known Irish chefs as well as music from some of Ireland’s most well-known musicians including Moloney of The Chieftains. The event will also include a genealogy class and meet-and-greets with Irish athletes and writers.

iFest is a three-day festival beginning on September 26th at the Seaport World Trade Center.

Visit the iFest website to book your tickets.

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