phd thesis

Ph.D. Dissertation Distinction

Trinity College Dublin

Finished in Top 10% of dissertations submitted to the School of Social Science in 2014





Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Department of Sociology

Trinity College Dublin





Graduate Studies Fund Award

Trinity College Dublin






Provost Teaching Award

Trinity College Dublin





iReport Superstar





Research Grant

Dar Al Islam (New Mexico)



5 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Inspiring Profile and work sir, I really appreciate your effort and work towards socialism and interfaith harmony. Thumbs Up


  2. Dear DR Considine.
    You are chosen by the most merciful to free our father ADAM children`s mind and give them light [PEACE BE UPON HIM AND ALL THE MESSENGERS]
    I pray that the most giver give his creation more bless and scholar like you’
    may GOD bless you and your love ones


  3. Hats off to you doctor.

    You have been doing great work for religious and inter-faith harmony.

    Carry on the great work and stay blessed.

    Heartfelt regards


  4. Thank you. You deserve your awards and more. You are a voice for those whose voices are deliberately muted. Intelligent and righteous people will see the light you shed. Negative people will be… well negative.
    Keep up the good good work!


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