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  1. Dear Dr. Craig Considine, I was interested in the “Militia” (…) and found you too. I´d like to show you our work, maybe it is interesting for you as a topic. We work since more than 20 years as an civil rights organisation for Roma and Sinti, mostly called Gypsies, who we are not. (Compare it with “your” Indians) Perhaps the english translations of the two reports on antigypsism in Austria (2013 and 2015) is interesting for you as an educater etc.
    If you want go to where you find these reports. Thanks for your recognition, a happy new year, luck and sanity (Ladscho nevo bersh baxt taj sastimos)

    Thomas Weiss


  2. Dear Mr. Considine,

    Can you please reside in Syria and see how how sympathetic the the populace there is to their to your views. At the very least please return to to the USA and leave us alone from false do-gooder nonsense that has led to the murder of so many of my fellow Europeans by the Islamists that you so openly support.


    Average EU Citizen


    1. Dear Mr Harding

      as a European from England I support and welcome the excellent views of Dr. Craig Considine. Thankfully most intelligent people would see the sense in his articles. We are not all deluded bigots like yourself Mr Harding

      have a nice day

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  3. Dear Mr. Williams,

    To be accused of bigotry by an Englishman who appears to pride himself of his nationality is beyond contempt. A country that has invaded all but 22 nations on this planet and continues its onslaught on ordinary citizens throughout the Middle East that has directly led to our European crisis. Crawl back under your rock, Mr. Williams. From which place we will all be safer.

    Do not have a nice day! 🙂

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  4. Hello from Indonesia. I am living in a country with Islam as majority religion. My country is the biggest moslem one. We don’t see people from their race, religion, even colour of skin. We only know that people can be good or bad. We have Christian, Buddhist, Catholics, Hinduism, even Confusion. We never debate religion. Because we know it is personal. It’s not anyone ‘ else business.

    I just want to ask Mr. Craig Considine. Why are you interested on Islam, Islamophobia, Islam Christian relation. If we respect each other , why we should debate about it ? Your religion is good for you, my religion is good for me, we are different., we have our own unique. Peace and love that the most important thing in our lives.



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    1. I am happy to know that you like dr.Craig Considine works, coz I love ’em too..
      may peace be with you
      salam from Jakarta ❤


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