Ph.D. in Sociology

Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

December 2014

Doctoral thesis: “Family, Religion, and Identity in the Pakistani Diaspora: A Case Study of Young Pakistani Muslim and non-Muslim Men in Dublin and Boston”

Ranked in the Top 10% of dissertations in the School of Social Sciences in 2014


MS.c. Lond in International Relations

Royal Holloway, University of London

Egham, United Kingdom

October 2008

Masters dissertation: “American Identity Through the Lens of Mexicans Americans in the Southwest U.S.”


Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

American University

Washington, DC

May 2007

Focus: Peace and conflict resolution/U.S. foreign policy with the “Muslim world”

8 thoughts on “Education

  1. Amazing. All this “education” and you still don’t know that Mohammed was a genocidal warlord and rapist who owned sex slaves. Absolutely astonishing. Either you learned nothing that was true, or you actually are *for* conversion by the sword and harems of captured young girls.


  2. PS Unlike the lies in your article, Mohammed was racist towards blacks – he called blacks “raisin-heads” and owned black slaves. It was Muslims who were behind the slave trade in Africa. The Arabic word for black “abed” is the same word for “slave.” And you have a PhD?


    1. Excuse me Dear miss you are wrong. Hazrat Muhammad (saw) was not racist towards others . Islam does not believe in races but ideology which is why many muslims are found against Nationalism since in their opinion it breeds racism.
      It werent Muslims who supported slavery rather they were en route to destroy it , Although they were the european who plundered Africa’s wealth and people were taken as slaves.
      Hazrat Bilal of habsha (ra) was a negro and a freed slave who became the first Muezzin(Prayer caller) and also the first Muezzin to call out Azaan on the Ka’aba. So your argument of racial inequality holds no merits.
      Also it would take little to none amount of effort to look up that the Arabic word for Slave is Abed which means man or can be loosely translated as “in submission”. Hence the name Abd ul Allah means “A man of Allah” .
      The Arabic for black is “Aswad” . So both words Arabic for slave and black are not same.
      Therefore instead of spreading needless hatred spread needed love among Muslims and Christians. Thats what Both Jesus (Hazrat Isa(as) and Hazrat Muhammad(saw) spread.
      Good day to you madam.

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  3. O gee, another Christian crusader. And look at all the evidence she provided for her nonsense claims: none.

    How about you read ‘Muhammad’ By Martin Lings and then show me how much of that shuck-n-jive is true.

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  4. O, and I just looked up the Arabic words for ‘slave’ and ‘black person’; they’re spelled completely differently and sound nothing alike. Here they are:

    Arabic word for ‘black person’: أسود
    Arabic word for ‘slave’: عبد

    Secondly, how could he be racist towards blacks when he advised his followers to seek protection in Abyssinia, which is in present day Ethiopia, and the first person named by him to announce the call to prayer was Bilal – a former black slave who was freed by his friend Abu Bakr?

    O, and this article from a Salafi jurist explains the punishment for the crime of rape:

    excerpt: “The Arabic word ightisaab refers to taking something wrongfully by force. It is now used exclusively to refer to transgression against the honour of women by force (rape).

    This is an abhorrent crime that is forbidden in all religions and in the minds of all wise people and those who are possessed of sound human nature…. The punishment for rape in Islam is same as the punishment for zina, which is stoning if the perpetrator is married, and one hundred lashes and banishment for one year if he is not married.

    Some scholars also say that he is required to pay a mahr to the woman.

    Imam Maalik (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

    In our view the man who rapes a woman, whether she is a virgin or not, if she is a free woman he must pay a “dowry” like that of her peers, and if she is a slave he must pay whatever has been detracted from her value. The punishment is to be carried out on the rapist and there is no punishment for the woman who has been raped, whatever the case. “

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