daily_mail“How ISIS is going against Islam’s teachings: Texts suggest Muslim prophet wanted Christians to be ‘protected and defended’, claims expert”

The Daily Mail (March 2016) Link here


the-independent-logo“Isis persecution of Christians not justified by Prophet Mohammed’s teachings, says study”

The Independent (March 2016) Link here


express_logo“Heinous ISIS jihadis’ brutal treatment of Christians ‘goes AGAINST Islamic teachings’”

The Express (March 2016) Link here


New-Historian-Logo“Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians Path to Peace?”

The New Historian (March 2016) Link here






“Is ISIS a truly Islamic State? According to Mohammed’s covenants with Christians, no.”

Christian Today (March 2016) Link here




image1326986001“10 Best Twitter Responses to Trump’s Proposed Travel Ban on Muslims”

Colorlines (November 2015) Link here.





Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 11.38.28

“Dr. Craig Considine Takes The Islamic Haters: Get to Know Islam, Mosque Directly”

Piyungan Online (November 2015) Link Here



“Craig Considine Would Have You Believe Muhammad Followed The Golden Rule”

New English Review (April 2015) Link Here.



@Al Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland
@Al Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland

“Report of Mawlid Interfaith Peace Conference 2014”

Al Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre (February 2014) Link here







“What Studying Muhammad Taught Me About Islam”

Council of American-Islamic Relations (January 2014) Link here






“What Studying Muhammad Taught Me About Islam”

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Iranian Government (January 2014) Link here








“The Hypocrisy of the Huffington Post’s Praise of Muhammad” (November 2013) Link here




“Honoring Muslim American Veterans on Memorial Day”

Council of American Islamic Relations (May 2013) Link here








“George Washington Was Just Like Prophet Muhammad”

Fox News (January 2013) Link here








“Needham man helps on documentary about Muslims in America”

Boston Globe (July 2009) Link here



“Needhamite journeys to Muslim America”

Needham Times (June 2009) Link here



“Bridging the Great Divide”

Riz Khan Show Al Jazeera English (April 2009)







“Muslims in America: A ‘voyage of discovery'”

CNN (February 2009) Link here


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