• Rice University, Department of Sociology – Panel moderator, “The Stand-Ins.” November.


  • University College Cork, Philosophical Society – Invited Speaker, “This House Would Ban the Burqa.”
  • Al Mustafa Cultural Centre, Dublin, Ireland – Invited speaker, “Fourth Annual Peace Walk and Conference.”


  • Trinity College Dublin, Institute for International Integration – Presenter, “The Lived Experiences of Pakistani Men in Dublin and Boston.”
  • Trinity College Dublin, Sociological Society – Invited speaker, “The Benefits of Studying Islam as a Catholic.”
  • University College Dublin, Law Society – Invited debater, “This House Believes that Islam is a Threat to the West.”


  • US Embassy, London (UK) – Invited commentator, “Journey into America and One Film 9/11.”
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, London (UK) – Invited speaker, “Journey into America and Islam in America” (Framing Muslims Seminar Series).
  • Blackpitts Mosque, Dublin, Ireland – Invited speaker – “Evening Seminar Series.”


  • European Sociological Association, University of Geneva (Switzerland) –  Presenter, “The Experiences of Young Pakistani Muslim Men in Dublin and Boston.”
  • Princeton University, The Witherspoon Institute – Invited participant, “Islam and Religious Freedom Seminar.”

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