God Exhaling Over the Irish Sea

I saw something amazing last night over the Irish Sea. A devilish red sunset which nearly melted our plane. There were towering castles in the distant which were made of thick black clouds. Below us were rolling hills of puffy things. God was simply exhaling. This picture isn’t mine, but it’s the closest thing I could…… Continue reading God Exhaling Over the Irish Sea


Stunning Aerial Video of the Ancient Considine Homeland in West Clare, Ireland

Check out this gorgeous video shot by Alan Magner Photography of West Clare, also known as the ancient Considine homeland! Footage includes clips of the Cliffs of Moher, Loop Head, and Lahinch, among others. Source: Clare Herald


Ireland in the sky

I usually take the 6:30 pm (Boston time) flight back to Dublin, but the flight this time around was delayed 3 hours due to bad weather. If it wasn’t for the delay, taking these pictures would’ve been impossible. We were lucky enough to fly over the emerald isle as the sun was rising. These were…… Continue reading Ireland in the sky


Picture: Paris from a plane

Taken on a plan ride in transit to Toulouse.  From Toulouse I would have taken a train to the small village of Soreze, but I was never able to find the train.  Instead I had about a €250 cab ride to my destination. It was the most enjoyable €250 cab ride of all time.  The…… Continue reading Picture: Paris from a plane