Ireland in the sky

I usually take the 6:30 pm (Boston time) flight back to Dublin, but the flight this time around was delayed 3 hours due to bad weather. If it wasn’t for the delay, taking these pictures would’ve been impossible. We were lucky enough to fly over the emerald isle as the sun was rising. These were…… Continue reading Ireland in the sky


Creativity: Is science more beautiful than art?

The image above is of a field of crescent-shaped dunes in the northern polar region of Mars. Each dune is about 100 metres across. The image was captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, released in July 2012. As suggested by Jonathan Jones in the Guardian, it is science, not art, ‘that now provides the most…… Continue reading Creativity: Is science more beautiful than art?


Fieldwork: The beautiful call to prayer

As part of Journey into America – September 2008 at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I was lucky enough to film right up there.


Sunset in Glencolumbkille


Showcasing my photography

I’ve just created a new page to showcase some of the photographs I’ve taken throughout the course of my travels since 2007.  You can check it here or see above.

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My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video

I rented a cheap little car and was told ‘not to go off-roading’.  But what did that mean?  What is considered ‘off-roading’?  These are two questions I certainly contemplated before taking the car down a dangerous path to the famous and isolated Kambia Beach in the middle-of-nowhere, Santorini.  Would I make the car back up…… Continue reading My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video


Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini

I’ve done my fair share of traveling since graduating from college in 2007, from researching around the U.S. for one year with Ambassador Ahmed, to my own personal adventures throughout Europe and eastern Asia.  I’ve been to some amazing places, from the Château de Padiès in Southern France, to the hills of Honolulu, to the famous…… Continue reading Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini