“Churmosquagogue” Lays First Bricks For Peace

Pastor Gregor Hohberg, Rabbi Andreas Nachama and Imam Kadir Sanci are working together A building project by Jews, Christians, and Muslims looking for a place to meet becomes a reality today as faith leaders unite to lay the first bricks for a groundbreaking interfaith structure in the middle of Berlin, Germany. Known as the House…… Continue reading “Churmosquagogue” Lays First Bricks For Peace


The “Churmosquagogue” – Abrahamic Worshippers Unite in Berlin’s “House of One”

Kuehn Malvezzi’s depiction of the “churmosquagogue,” or the House of One in Berlin – Photo credit – Kuehn Malvezzi Abrahamic worshippers in Berlin have united to create a “churmosquagogue,” a building that will include three places of worship, all under the same roof, for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Harriet Sherwood’s article on the Guardian sheds…… Continue reading The “Churmosquagogue” – Abrahamic Worshippers Unite in Berlin’s “House of One”