Ramadan khutba on knowledge (ilm) by Professor Akbar Ahmed

Filmed this at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in September 2008.


Poem: Akbar

*Dedicated to Professor Akbar Ahmed He serves esoteric and philosophic truths, across the traditions, in pursuit of those truths, so that the darkness can be lifted, and the light can shine through. © Craig Considine


How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It

Derald Wing Sue et al. (2007) posit that micro-aggression racism is: a contemporary form of racism that is invisible, unintentional, subtle in nature, and typically outside the levels of conscious awareness, but it creates a hostile and invalidating climate nonetheless.  According to Sue and Colleagues, the cumulative of micro-aggressions may be just as harmful as…… Continue reading How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It


New challenge in Ph.D. process

I learned today that the Department of Sociology would like me to take on a new challenge: to teach the Junior Sophister (JS) module ‘Researching Society’.  This third-year course is a step up from what I’ve been teaching for the past two years – Introduction to Sociology at the Junior Freshman (JF) level.  I’m happy…… Continue reading New challenge in Ph.D. process


Pictures of TCD JPR Vol. XI launch

This was an outstanding event and, according to many, the best launch of the Journal of Postgraduate Research (JPR) to date (no doubt the cover was the best ever). Many thanks to our panel members, especially Senator David Norris, for lighting up the audience with his wit and charm.  I also can’t forget to congratulate our…… Continue reading Pictures of TCD JPR Vol. XI launch


A clever little video to answer ‘what is social science?’

Source: You Tube Soomo Publishing’s ‘Animated Introduction to Social Science’ defines the broad-spectrum discipline of social science. You can see more of Soomo Publishing’s educational videos by visiting


Lessons I learned as Editor

Now that my role as Editor for the TCD Journal of Postgraduate Research (Volume 11) is practically finished, I want to reflect back on the experience, share the negatives and positives, but more importantly, touch on the wealth of knowledge I accumulated throughout the arduous process of putting together an academic journal.  I’ve broken this…… Continue reading Lessons I learned as Editor