Trump, America’s Hitler

3:45 am. That’s what time I woke up this morning. I couldn’t sleep. There were no loud neighbors, no noisy traffic outside, and no drama in my life to keep me awake. As lame as it might sound, Donald Trump was keeping me awake. That’s right, the American demagogue, America’s Hitler. “Come on, Craig!” is probably…… Continue reading Trump, America’s Hitler


Politics: How to spot a fascist

Dr. Lawrence Britt examined the former fascist regimes in Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, and several Latin American countries and found 14 defining characteristics common to each.  Considering the saliency of several current issues, such as Congressman King’s ‘radical Muslim’ hearings to the influence of the media and rampant corruption and militarism, one has to wonder…… Continue reading Politics: How to spot a fascist

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Noam Chomsky Defines American Identity as Myth and Fear

Location: Noam Chomsky’s office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date: October 2008 Topic: American identity (with some focus on Muslims in the USA) Project: Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam Principal investigator: Akbar Ahmed Filmed by: Craig Considine © Akbar Ahmed