What Happens When You Drink Guinness in England?


VIDEO: Palestinian Parody of Islamic State


Video: Another funny pasta session with Ma

More summer fun in the Considine kitchen. I love to tease her. She busted out the wooden spoon like the ol’days. 🙂


LOL – Republicans and foreign policy

It’s safe to say that foreign policy was not the strong suit of this year’s contenders for the GOP presidential nomination. Rick Perry labeled the Turkish government “Islamic terrorists.” Newt Gingrich referred to Palestinians as “invented” people. Herman Cain called Uzbekistan “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” and memorably blanked when asked what he thought of NATO’s incursion into Libya.…… Continue reading LOL – Republicans and foreign policy


(Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!

I booked a flight back home to Boston in March 2012.  My sister, the only person who knew of the booking, and I devised a clever plan to surprise my parents.  I put together this short clip to ‘Lovely Allen’ by Holy Fuck.  Watch the video and tell me whether you think Holy Fuck is…… Continue reading (Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!