The Irony of Spray Painting “Jesus” on Mosques

Racist Islamophobes (yes, Islamophobia is racism) are active in California. Here’s the latest incident according to CNN: One mosque had “Jesus is the Way” spray-painted across the front. Another mosque was defaced and left with a fake grenade in the driveway. Both acts of vandalism took place in the same California city, about an hour west…… Continue reading The Irony of Spray Painting “Jesus” on Mosques


It’s time for a love revolution

Taken in Prague, Spring 2011


Quarry graffiti in Quincy

© Craig Considine


Travels: First reaction in Athens

The first destination I visited was Syntigma Square.  There were loads of young people gearing up for the protest which happens to be in a few hours.  Huge flags and large ‘pow wow’ groups filled the area.  I plan on watching it go down and catching it all on video.  I feel another potential CNN…… Continue reading Travels: First reaction in Athens