Akbar the Great a Pioneer in Interfaith Dialogue

Akbar the Great, ruler of the Mughal Empire during the late 16th and early 17th century, was a true pioneer of interfaith dialogue. Akbar’s desire to build interfaith bridges is clear in a letter he wrote in 1582 to King Philip II of Spain” “As most men are fettered by bonds of tradition, and by imitating…… Continue reading Akbar the Great a Pioneer in Interfaith Dialogue


Amazing photographs of Irish forefathers

Michael Francis Considine, my great-grandfather, was born on September 4th, 1884 in Ennis, County Clare (Ireland). He was born to Michael Considine (born in 1861 and died in 1936) and Bridget O’Loughlin Considine (Ni Larkin; born in 1851 and died in 1909). Michael Francis later lived with his family in Kilmoon Parish, Lisdoonvarna, which he would later…… Continue reading Amazing photographs of Irish forefathers


Pope Francis I, Akbar the Great, and the Jesuits

The Jesuits, members of a religious order of Christianity founded in the 16th century, have entered the public spotlight after the election of Pope Francis I, himself a Jesuit. In reading more about the their philosophy, I stumbled across an interesting story about one of their missions to the court of Akbar the Great of…… Continue reading Pope Francis I, Akbar the Great, and the Jesuits


George Washington Was a Friend of Muslims

George Washington’s birthday, celebrated annually on Febr. 22nd, is an opportunity to reflect upon his exemplary character and the example he set for future generations of Americans. While much is known about Washington’s military service and political career, less is known about his attitude towards religious freedom and his relationships with Muslims. Looking closely at…… Continue reading George Washington Was a Friend of Muslims


The Stupidity of Celebrating Columbus’s ‘Discovery’

Columbus Day. A day where many Americans celebrate the ‘discovery’ of America.  Why do we glorify it? For us thinking people, we realize that Columbus didn’t discover anything.  In fact, he stumbled across a civilization, which he wrote about in his famous diary: They… brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many…… Continue reading The Stupidity of Celebrating Columbus’s ‘Discovery’


Video: Native Nature

The world can easily be turned upside down. Old cultures and civilizations can be uprooted at the flick of a switch. Do you ever wonder about previous cultures? Do you ponder their origins and what made them tick? What happened to them? Did we learn from them? Sometimes you have to get lost to be…… Continue reading Video: Native Nature


Déjà vu and the Tea Party

To be a member of the Know Nothing Party, one had to be ‘a native born citizen, a Protestant, born of Protestant parents, reared under Protestant influence, and not united in marriage with a Roman Catholic’.  In addition, members of the Know Nothing Party had to take a pledge to prevent ‘the insidious policy of…… Continue reading Déjà vu and the Tea Party