Déjà vu and the Tea Party

To be a member of the Know Nothing Party, one had to be ‘a native born citizen, a Protestant, born of Protestant parents, reared under Protestant influence, and not united in marriage with a Roman Catholic’.  In addition, members of the Know Nothing Party had to take a pledge to prevent ‘the insidious policy of…… Continue reading Déjà vu and the Tea Party


What Does the Confederate Flag Mean?

I just had a Twitter conversation with a presumably white, southern man who had argued that the real definition of the Confederate flag is pride in the confederacy and states rights and only these two things.  I told him that he needs to be careful with such bold definitions because this was his subjective interpretation.  He proceeded…… Continue reading What Does the Confederate Flag Mean?

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Benjamin Franklin’s Case for Pluralism

We can gain a sense of young Benjamin Franklin’s thoughts on religion in A Witch Trial at Mount Holly, which raised the concern of his Puritan parents that he held ‘erroneous’ religious opinions.  Franklin was not himself an emphatically religious man; while he believed in God, he did not subscribe to one particular creed.  What we do…… Continue reading Benjamin Franklin’s Case for Pluralism


An easy way to debunk a common myth (‘kill the infidel’) of Islam

Muslim Americans are often harassed and forced to defend themselves against controversial verses in their holy text – the Qur’an.  One of these verses is Surah 9:5 (the ‘kill the infidel’ verse).  I am not a Muslim, but I still have concerns over how ‘experts’ say Muslims kill because the Qur’an tells them to (Representative…… Continue reading An easy way to debunk a common myth (‘kill the infidel’) of Islam


Graph that puts the ‘threat’ of terrorism in perspective

WE SHOULD THEREFORE… Declare war on Heart Disease Attack McDonald’s and then all fast food chains Declare war on Cancer Attack Marlboro and then all cigarette companies Declare war on Air Safety Attack Boeing Declare war on Automobiles Attack Ford, Mercedes, and Honda so to make sure we are fighting around the world Declare war…… Continue reading Graph that puts the ‘threat’ of terrorism in perspective


Writing in the Devil’s Den


Poem: Spirit at Hemlock George

An inviting path, under the shade of a gigantic tree and the shadow of a bird flying above. The bird chirps, as another one sings. The aura is over me. * There’s an opening ahead, where the water, crashing at the falls eliminates the silence. There, on a small cliff, I stand, embracing the mist, which, ever…… Continue reading Poem: Spirit at Hemlock George