Irish Government Gives €500k in Emergency Funding to Gaza

The Irish government has pledged funding of €500,000 for the United Nations’ emergency appeal for families affected by the conflict in Gaza. The funding will provide food, shelter and healthcare to thousands of families, many of whom have had to flee their homes. Foreign Affairs minister Charlie Flanagan said: ‘I totally condemn the major escalation…… Continue reading Irish Government Gives €500k in Emergency Funding to Gaza


Wondering About Ireland’s Immigration System

I’m heading tomorrow morning to meet with a Pakistani friend who I met back in January.  This young man, whose name I’ll keep anonymous for security purposes, is a native of Islamabad, Pakistan.  He arrived to Dublin via work visa over eight years ago. When his work visa ended he filed the necessary paperwork to live (legally) in Ireland.  His…… Continue reading Wondering About Ireland’s Immigration System