Video: Another funny pasta session with Ma

More summer fun in the Considine kitchen. I love to tease her. She busted out the wooden spoon like the ol’days. 🙂


Video: Italian Ma’s marianara sauce

Having a bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon at home. 🙂


Friends: Chef JD’s video demonstration in Bosa, Sardegna

One of my best friends Jonathan Doar (we call him JD) is an exceptional chef who appeared on the Food Network’s popular show Chopped (This fact alone sets him a part from most chefs out there).  JD’s clearly a young, enthusiastic, and of course up-and-coming chef in the ranks.  Now that he has spent the past many…… Continue reading Friends: Chef JD’s video demonstration in Bosa, Sardegna


Mangia! Mangia!

A few pictures from a great homemade lasagna dinner.  Check the video as well.


Homemade pizza

One of my favourite aspects of Dublin is the evening time in spring and summer, when the sun is still out at 9:30, even 10:00, where I can enjoy the European ‘beer garden’ atmosphere at my home in the Liberties.  On this occasion, Melony and I decided to try something new – some homemade pizza, of course…… Continue reading Homemade pizza