“Journey into America” documentary fosters understanding between the Islamic world and the west

Source: University of Cambridge (Research) Frankie Martin, MPhil student in the Department of Social Anthropology will speak tonight (7 May  2013) at the showing of a documentary Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam. He reflects on his own experiences of interacting with Muslim communities around the world. Continue reading


Boston bombers were caught between new and old worlds

By Akbar Ahmed for National Geographic It was the matter-of-fact tone of the Pakistani boy in Brooklyn that disturbed me and brought tears to my research team. Traveling throughout the country in 2008 and 2009 for my book Journey into America, we were in a Shia mosque in an area called Little Pakistan, which has…… Continue reading Boston bombers were caught between new and old worlds


“Journey into America”

“Journey into America” is arguably the most comprehensive documentary ever done on Muslims in America.  The film explores the issue of what it means to be American through the lens of Muslims. Ahmed’s documentary has been called “an essential pillar in the effort to build the interfaith bridge of understanding” by Congressman Keith Ellison, America’s…… Continue reading “Journey into America”


Building Bridges at the U.S. Embassy in London

If there is one person in the world today that could ease the conflict between America and the Muslim world, it is Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, the former high commissioner of Pakistan to the U.K. and current Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic studies at American University.  On November 28th, 2012, he was invited to screen his…… Continue reading Building Bridges at the U.S. Embassy in London