Remembering the man I used to see on Thomas Street

I lived in the Liberties, a working class part of Dublin, for over two years and used to see the man pictured above on a daily basis. I remember how he would walk up and down the isles of John’s Lane Church on Thomas Street while grunting something under his breath. In the middle of mass,…… Continue reading Remembering the man I used to see on Thomas Street

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Picture: Peace in Books

I was reading too much with Nag Champa incents in Na Saoirsí, December 2011. The small room is fish-bowled and there is just enough light in. The wallpapers are bright orange with fluffy brush painting.


Homemade pizza

One of my favourite aspects of Dublin is the evening time in spring and summer, when the sun is still out at 9:30, even 10:00, where I can enjoy the European ‘beer garden’ atmosphere at my home in the Liberties.  On this occasion, Melony and I decided to try something new – some homemade pizza, of course…… Continue reading Homemade pizza