The Irony of Spray Painting “Jesus” on Mosques

Racist Islamophobes (yes, Islamophobia is racism) are active in California. Here’s the latest incident according to CNN: One mosque had “Jesus is the Way” spray-painted across the front. Another mosque was defaced and left with a fake grenade in the driveway. Both acts of vandalism took place in the same California city, about an hour west…… Continue reading The Irony of Spray Painting “Jesus” on Mosques


Pictures of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in The Liberties, Dublin, is one of the great gems of Ireland. The Cathedral is one of the most important in Christendom, for it’s said that St. Patrick himself baptized the pagan Irish at a well outside of the church. I hope that you enjoy these pictures @CraigCons


Sufism and the Virgin Mary

The author of Blessed Virgin Mary is a Sufi master of Turkish descent named Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak, who passed away in 1985.  He is considered by Sufis as a Waliullah, or intimate friend of Allah (God). The book is designed in a nonlinear fashion, ‘transcending the usual laws of logic and habitual experience which the Virgin…… Continue reading Sufism and the Virgin Mary