Slavery is Alive and Well in Libya

Slavery is not a thing of the past. Fact. There is a modern-day slave market in Libya where African migrants are caught in a brutal chain of human trafficking, as Reuters reported. Narciso Contreras, a Pulitzer Price-winning photographer, spoke to migrants turned Libyan slaves (as documented in the Reuters piece). Contreras stated: “What I found…… Continue reading Slavery is Alive and Well in Libya


Pope Francis: Lampedusa is Center of ‘Globalization of Indifference’

Source: Washington Post By Akbar Ahmed To understand the pope’s approach, method and message, take a look at his visit to the island of Lampedusa. The small island in the Mediterranean has become a battleground of the larger ideas that are in conflict in Europe. It has been visited by rightwing leaders who denounce immigrants…… Continue reading Pope Francis: Lampedusa is Center of ‘Globalization of Indifference’


Wondering About Ireland’s Immigration System

I’m heading tomorrow morning to meet with a Pakistani friend who I met back in January.  This young man, whose name I’ll keep anonymous for security purposes, is a native of Islamabad, Pakistan.  He arrived to Dublin via work visa over eight years ago. When his work visa ended he filed the necessary paperwork to live (legally) in Ireland.  His…… Continue reading Wondering About Ireland’s Immigration System