The Most Accurate, Anti-Establishment Definition of “Terrorism”

Terrorism (noun) – a propaganda term used to manufacture anti-Muslim sentiment, which in turn “justifies” worldwide military adventures to extract natural resources from weaker, Muslim-majority countries. The term terrorism is deployed only when Muslims are behind the act, because this is part of the state and media’s program of dehumanizing the Other and controlling the public mind…… Continue reading The Most Accurate, Anti-Establishment Definition of “Terrorism”


The “Fundamentalist” Folk Devil

I just finished reading an interesting article given to me by Ronit Lentin titled ‘Islamophobia: a very (Post)modern fear?’.  It was written by Pnina Werbner as a presented paper at the Closing Conference of Cost A2 in Brussels, December 7-9, 1995. One particular point of Werbner’s stuck out from the rest, which is, the concept…… Continue reading The “Fundamentalist” Folk Devil