Seeing our humanity and fragile existence through the Boston bombings

Note: My fellow Needhamite Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal Ph.D. wrote a powerful response in Wicked Local Needham to the Boston marathon bombings. Dr. Asmal previously served as president of the Islamic Center of Boston and the Islamic Council of New England. He is a retired physician and is also a current member of Needham Clergy Association…… Continue reading Seeing our humanity and fragile existence through the Boston bombings


A few good tweets

Professor John Esposito is one of the top scholars of Islam in the United States. He had recently Tweeted my Huffington Post article on what the Founding Fathers would say about Islam. In addition, the United States Embassy in London had Tweeted my article on the screening of Journey into America and the importance of…… Continue reading A few good tweets


What Does the Confederate Flag Mean?

I just had a Twitter conversation with a presumably white, southern man who had argued that the real definition of the Confederate flag is pride in the confederacy and states rights and only these two things.  I told him that he needs to be careful with such bold definitions because this was his subjective interpretation.  He proceeded…… Continue reading What Does the Confederate Flag Mean?


Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

NOTE: Not sharing Twitter handles to protect identities.  British Pride yayy Imperialism, Destroying 3rd World Lands This would be accurate if the black boy was to be stopped & searched by the police. Then shot & killed by the police #olympicceremony Aww, they are getting nostalgic. The good ol’ coloniasist days This is what the opening…… Continue reading Reactions to the Opening Ceremony


Can a Muslim Be a Good American?

The Twittersphere is overflowing with Tweeters that have dedicated what seems like their entire existence to ragging on Muslims in the U.S.  I want to hear what the jingoists think about a Muslim scholar who walks through Arlington National Cemetery with an American Colonel as they pay respect to fallen Muslim Americans.