Video: “You’re all illegal here! We didn’t invite any of you!” says indigenous American man

Basically the U.S. was a country built on “illegal immigration,” so who has the right or power to stop “illegal immigration” now!? Did the indigenous Americans (“Native Americans”) ask the European settlers for their green cards? Did they ask for any identification? How about their visas?


Video/commentary: Will there be a radicalization of white people hearing on Capitol Hill?


How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It

Derald Wing Sue et al. (2007) posit that micro-aggression racism is: a contemporary form of racism that is invisible, unintentional, subtle in nature, and typically outside the levels of conscious awareness, but it creates a hostile and invalidating climate nonetheless.  According to Sue and Colleagues, the cumulative of micro-aggressions may be just as harmful as…… Continue reading How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It