Personal: Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award

Today I’m being nominated by several of my superiors in the Department of Sociology for the 2011/2012 TCD Alumni Excellence in Teaching Award in the School of Social Science and Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin.

This is obviously a tremendous honour for me.  I’m very passionate about teaching and take my job seriously.  This is a great cap to my second year of teaching the first year course Introduction to Sociology.

The award is based on the following criteria:

(1) evidence of creativity in delivering tutorials

(2) evidence that tutorials stimulated critical thinking amongst student cohort

(3) evidence of responsiveness and engagement with student

(4) evidence of good organisation and problem solving

(5) evidence that tutorials supported the overall delivery of the course. 

In terms of (1), throughout the year I have delivered several interesting Prezis, which I have copied below if you’re interested in observing these unique presentations.  In terms of (2), the feedback I received in student evaluations, which was nearly perfect, had several comments that touched upon my ability to engage with students critically.  This didn’t surprise me as I try to ask students touchy and uncomfortable questions to get their minds thinking in new ways.

In terms of (3) and (4), the blog I created at has been a big hit with many of my students.  The blog has received over 10,000 hits throughout the year.  In terms of (5), the feedback I received in evaluations and my students’ performance on their exams should prove to those picking the winner my ability to stay on course with the material given to me by the lecturers.

All in all, this nomination is a big deal for me.  It’s the first time I’m up for any sort of prize for teaching.  If I’m selected as the winner, I also receive a €250 prize.  However, I care little for the money prize, though by all means it will help my bank account.  I care more about the prestige that comes with the award.  It will also undoubtedly look great on the CV and help me someday earn a teaching position at a prestigious university somewhere in this world of ours.

There’s nothing more fulfilling as a teacher to feel rewarded for all the dedication, the long hours, the hard work, the frustrating tutorials, and the Friday and Saturday nights of staying in.  I feel like I’m coming into my own as a teacher.

Thank you to all of my awesome students who gave me a great evaluation.  Wish me luck.


–  Writing your essay:

–  McDonaldisation as a double-edged sword:

–  Masculinity and femininity:

–  Work and globalization:

–  Two in the same: Analysing the ‘Washington Consensus’ vs. the ‘Beijing Consensus’:

–  Introduction to term two:

–  Mexican migration to theUSand the challenge of integration:

–  What does ‘Irishness’ mean in a multiculturalIreland?:

–  Cultural differences and group rights:

–  Education and the reproduction of inequality:

–  The changing role of families:

–  Analyzing our identities:

2 thoughts on “Personal: Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award

  1. You deserve it Craig, thanks for everything this year. You’ve made the module (which I was dreading at the start of the year) so much more interesting than I thought it would be, cheers.


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