Finally, but the work continues

The steadfast peer review team and I have finally wrapped up the final articles for publication in TCD Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol. 11: Ireland’s Research on the World Stage.  You can view the abstracts here.  The next week or so will be dedicated to giving them one last careful proofread.  It’s a pain, but it must be done.

On another note, today has been one of the more hectic days for me as Editor.  I spent about 2 hours figuring out the deal with our ISSN.  If you’ve never had to deal with that, I don’t suggest beginning now.  It took me a solid hour to even comprehend what a lady from the National Library of Ireland was explaining to me.  Also, I spent a good hour talking with our printer, Brunswick Press, trying to negotiate the price down, which I managed to do.  That wasn’t exactly easy either.  Tough day, no doubt.

Next, we have to find a typesetter.  I’m sure that won’t be easy either 😉

Ah, but it’s all worth it!  The Journal is really coming into form.

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