Drones over the ‘suspected militants’ in Pakistan

According to the BBC, a US drone strike has killed at least eight people in a volatile tribal area of north-west Pakistan.  This is the second strike in the area in 24 hours. At least four suspected militants were killed on Wednesday.

US drone strikes in Pakistan are highly controversial.  Are they legal?  What about the loss of civilian life?  Do they really target the ‘bad guys’?  Are they useful?  These are just some questions surrounding them.

In March 2010, I wrote an article for the far-left organization World Can’t Wait.  I think it’s still relevant considering contemporary happenings.  Here is a quick excerpt (also the full article below).

Why does it seem these days that every bomb dropped and every missile strike kills ’suspected militants’?  It is either a great coincidence that the targets are real militants or governments, like the US and Pakistan, are applying the label to try to cover up killing innocent civilians.

Full article

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