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Carry these in your hands

One of the most famous Sufi thinkers ever is Rabia, who wrote in the 8th-century.  She was born in modern-day Basra, Iraq.

According to folklore, Rabia was an orphan and ultimately sold into slavery; she almost had nothing except, of course, her thoughts.

Legend has it that Rabia was once seen praying with a halo over her head by her owner.  Upon seeing this unbelievable spectacle, the owner freed her. Once free, Rabia lived an ascetic lifestyle, making it obvious to all who crossed her way that the only thing that concerned her was God.

The reason why I’m sharing Rabia is because of my interest in this famous story…

Rabia was once seen walking alone, quietly, with fire in one hand and a bucket of water in the other.  When one person went up to her and asked her ‘what are you doing?’, she answered with:

‘I want to throw fire into Heaven and water into Hell so that both will disappear, and we can contemplate God alone’.

Ah, there’s something calming about that idea.

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