Last night I watched the movie Alive.  Have you seen it?  It’s about a Rugby team that’s stranded for something like 70 days in the Andes mountains after a plane crash.  As you can imagine, the team faces unfathomable hardship and even has to resort to cannibalism.  It’s also, unbelievably, a true story.

Something came over me while watching Alive.  It made me think about the things that I’ve gone through and the little things I deal with daily.  Were/are they as difficult as I perceive them to be?

The things I’ve experienced, really, don’t measure up to what the Rugby players have to wither through in Alive.  The movie helps me think about perspective.  It challenges me to work harder and persevere even when times seem really tough.

I’m writing this as I’m about to embark on a long, perhaps 7 mile run.  I’ll be thinking about Alive in about the 5th mile when my head starts complaining.  I’ll keep on moving.  It’s not that bad.  Alive can attest to that!

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