Politics: Politics of ‘Anti-Semitic’

About five minutes ago, I had a link ready for posting on my Facebook profile. The link had to do with Eilat, Israel‘s (mis)treatment of the children of African migrants.

In a nut shell, the rulers of Eilat want these children to be placed in separate schools and away from the ‘real’ and more ‘authentic’ Israeli children.

But something prevented me from posting. I realize, in fact I have realized for some time, that one can’t criticize Israel without being labeled by someone as ‘anti-Semitic’.

If I’m ‘anti-Semitic’ for criticizing Eilat, Israel because they treat the children of African migrants as inferior human beings, so be it.  I can live with that truly absurd and meaningless ‘anti-Semitic’ label.

Am I ‘anti-Semitic’ because I pinpoint blatant racism? Am I ‘anti-Semitic’ because I think segregation is appalling?

If you argue that the Biblical homeland of Israel is for Jews and only Jews, does that make you a fanatic?  Does that make you racist?

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