Commentary: Fox ‘News’ homepage reads as a tabloid, not the most ‘trusted name in news’

Today is August 30, 2012. It’s 9:00 am.

Like on every other morning, I have taken a very quick glimpse at the homepage of Fox News, the ‘Fair and Balanced’ ‘news outlet’, to gage where the right and far right are basing their political arguments.

Like on every other morning, I am pretty appalled. Look at the headline stories in the section ‘Latest News’:

  • Chew on this: Starving yourself may not help longevity
  • Boy threatens baby sitter with knife over homework
  • Baby born in plane toilet named after Emirates airline
  • 1oo-year old driver crashes into 11 near LA school
  • Utah to offer ‘Happy Hour’ drink specials

And here are the headline stories under ‘Features and Faces’.

  • World’s Shortest People Meet
  • Pilot: I Had Sex With Travolta
  • Bombshell Battle of the Ages
  • Celebs Who Breastfeed
  • Juice=How Many Donuts!?
  • Cocaine in Harry’s Suite?
  • Elvis Undies For Sale?
  • Tips For Scorging More Legroom

I swear, you can’t even make this stuff up!

Now take a look at the message in the picture below. Can you honestly tell me that many Americans aren’t in very serious trouble?

I should also note, however, that while CNN is less sensational than Fox News, they too are pretty lame in terms of defining what constitutes as ‘news’.


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