Work: Launching my new initiative: One Film 9/11 and ‘Journey into America’ (2009) as the counter to hateful Terry Jones film

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The recent and unfortunate events in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt were both sparked by ONE FILM. The film was created by Pastor Terry Jones and Co. Its message was disgusting. It painted Prophet Muhammad as a child rapist, among other absurdities. Annoyed that ONE FILM could have such destruction on human relations, I searched inside for an idea.

As many of you know, I directed the documentary feature film Journey into America (2009) under Akbar Ahmed. Our film is the exact opposite of the kind of message spewed by Terry Jones. We stress the importance of understanding, building bridges, tolerance, and common ground. If ONE FILM can have such an impact on the world, why can’t it be Journey into America?

Therefore, I’ve launched a new initiative. At the moment I’m calling it One Film 9/11. The goal is to screen Journey into America in a mosque in as many countries as possible on September 11th, 2013. The blog is up and running. I’m serious about this. I think it could make a difference.

Please share this and help meet my noble goal.

Read more on the blog.

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