Film-work: Chris Hedges on the monstering of Obama in 2016: Obama’s America

Thinker and author Chris Hedges, who sued the Obama administration in federal court over the National Defense Authorization Act, recently debated Dinesh D’Souza over the inflammatory documentary 2016: Obama’s America (which D’Souza created).

Hedges states: ‘Well, Dinesh is a better propagandist than he is psychoanalyst. It (2016: Obama’s America) is vile in terms of its underlying racism, its pandering to stereotypes, its demonization of Obama—and I’m no fan of Obama… But the film is in essence a sort of elongated attempt that we saw during the Kerry campaign at swiftboating a politician by using half-truths, innuendos and lies to turn him into a monster’.

Sounds like the backbone of Romney’s campaign.

You can listen to the full Hedges/D’Souza debate here or read the entire transcript here.

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