Politics: Will the ‘real’ Mitt Romney please stand up at the debates?

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post weighs in on the Obama vs. Romney debates:

‘Romney’s task is more difficult. For the umpteenth time, he has to introduce himself to the American people. He has to erase the impressions left by all the Mitt Romneys we met earlier—the clueless rich guy, the heartless private-equity baron who likes “being able to fire people,” the moderate who became a hard-line conservative and then became a little bit moderate again, kind of. And he has to reveal a coherent person, one whom voters can imagine as a leader.

Romney won’t be able to accomplish any of these tasks.  As Robinson notes,

The question is whether such a coherent person exists. In the business world, where Romney had great success, winning means saying whatever you need to close the deal. A presidential campaign, though, is different. At some point you have to say what you really believe’.

At the end of the day, Romney’s in deep trouble.  Presidential debates are supposed to help candidates hunker down on the importance of their policies.  Romney won’t have the chance to embark on this because he will be too busy defending his character.  Or shall we see, characters.

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