Round 2 of Obama vs. Romney, just as I predicted

In this post from yesterday, I provided a glimpse into what you could expect in Round 2 of the Obama vs. Romney debates.  One of the reasons why I wrote that post was due to my confidence in knowing what the issues would be and how Obama and Romney were going to handle themselves. And the reason why I knew?  Because I read a lot and the media has been hounding Obama to do this and for Romney to do that.

Let’s not forget that the media has complete control over politicians and the American public.  Both are like slaves to it.  So it should come as no surprise that I was able to predict what each candidate would say and how they would act because the media has already demanded certain things of them.  Below are some of the quotes directly from my post and second some headlines throughout the media.  Check out the similarities.

1.  Obama ‘needs to appear aggressive and attack Romney… He needs to have energy, confidence, and that twinkle in his eye… In a nutshell, Obama will come out with more fire.  Romney will stand firm in the wave of attacks’.

New York Times:

Mother Jones:


The Detroit News:

The Vancouver Sun:

The Los Angeles Times:

2. ‘In the end, the press will also report that it was basically a draw, though, again, the slight edge will go to Obama because he basically wasn’t asleep at the podium like he was a few weeks ago… But who knows.  Romney is known for dropping incredible gaffes’. 

The New York Times:

The Los Angeles Times:

The Guardian:

The New York Times:

Fox News:

3. ‘But who knows.  Romney is known for dropping incredible gaffes.  All it takes is one really stupid in front of the camera to ruin any politician’.

The Huffington Post:

The Denver Post:

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