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Fashion blog on men’s street style

I was walking past Christ’s Church in Dublin as I do nearly every day.  As I was rounding the pub The Bull and the Castle, an energetic young woman came scurrying up to me and asked if she could take my picture for the Mens UK fashion blog Boots, Jeans and Leathers.

This is actually the second time I’ve appeared in a mens fashion blog/magazine.  The earlier picture was in a magazine in 2008 at Royal Holloway.  Maybe I’ll post that picture later.

The part of the Boots, Jeans and Leathers blog where the picture was posted is concerned with mens street style. Here is what they wrote:

We love boots jeans and leathers. And sometimes you put them together better than we ever could. Meet Craig. The first, of hopefully many stylish men photographed in the streets of your world and featured here not only as ideas for you own mens clothing inspiration but as a token of our respect to them for putting the effort in. Great choice of boots and rocking them excellently with the loose fit jeans. Not to mention autumn layering like a pro.

Craig Considine street style

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