Personal: Quick update from London

I’m about to head out the door to Portman Square for a breakfast meeting with Ambassador Ahmed. Before I do so I want to share with you a few highlights of the trip so far. I’ll post something with more details in the near future.

The Journey into America screening at the U.S. Embassy went very well.  I spoke to a distinguished audience about my relationship with Ambassador Ahmed and was even mobbed afterwards by folks of all sorts of backgrounds who are interested in promoting One Film 9/11.  I received about 20 business cards; I also ran out of my own!

In the House of Lords, Ambassador Ahmed’s speech on the tribal areas of Pakistan was both interesting and highly informative.  Members of the audience included Knights, Lords, Imams and top-level journalists. I was able to rub shoulders with them all. My favourite moment was with Lord/Sir  Noon, who spoke very highly of Journey into America and even requested that I send him 10 copies so that he can distribute the message to his distinguished circle of contacts.

Walking through Westminster Palace was also a major highlight. Parts of the building data back to the times of William the Conqueror’s son, which makes the structure something like 1,000 years old. I even sat in the main Parliament chamber where MPs were discussing the Leveson Inquiry.

The breakfast with Ambassador Ahmed is the last major event of this trip. I fly back tomorrow evening, so that leaves me the rest of today to experience London. I think I’ll walk down Oxford Street and maybe head to Camden for dinner and drinks this evening.

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