I’m expecting some more articles and news clips to come out regarding the Journey into America screening at the U.S. Embassy London. Dr. Ahmed has asked me to write an article for The Nation (Pakistan), so I will be busy with that in the weeks to follow.

"Journey into America" documentary

Source: Woolf Institute News

Visiting Fellow Professor Akbar Ahmed was recently welcomed at the American Embassy at a special screening of his film: “Journey into America”.

Introducing Professor Ahmed, Barbara J. Stephenson, Deputy Chief of Mission, stated:

“Professor Ahmed is – quite simply – one of the greatest scholars of Islam in the world today. As such, we’re very fortunate to have him join us this evening to share his intriguing film and afterwards some of observations on today’s issues and challenges for Muslims.”

The subject of the film is an unprecedented road trip in which Professor Ahmed and a group of researchers visited more than 75 cities and over 100 mosques to discuss the experience of Muslims in America. As the Deputy Chief of Mission observed:

“What… comes through, from the voices of many of the Muslims he meets during his road trip, is a tangible sense that…

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