Wild response to latest article on Muhammad and Washington

The response to my latest article was one of general disgust and outrage.

One commentator on the website of Fox Nation, which also published the article, said that he “would beat this Craig guy until the police locked me up for a long time.”  Another commentator on Fox Nation said that I must have “found some hallucinating mushrooms in the back of the cave of hell.”

One traveling agent wrote an article for the Washington Times in which he suggested that I was something like an “alien.” Commentators on the Huffington Post said, among many things, that I was guilty of treason and that I should be stripped of my American citizenship for placing Muhammad and Washington on the same pedestal.

The anti-Islam blogger, Pamela Geller, said that the article was “to vomit for” and that I was basically an “asshat of the highest degree.”  In the comment section of her post, Geller’s fans added that I was “disgusting” and a “white apologist for Islam.”  Another of Geller’s fans even said that my “ignorance” was “probably costing lives.”

The blogger, Robert Spencer, who is an ally of Geller’s, also posted the article on his blog.  His fans said that I was “dangerous” and “no mere ingenue in the realm of DhimmIslamopologist spin.” One of Spencer’s fans even stated: “Craig Considine is evil.”

I should add that there were definitely positive responses amidst this firestorm.  The article definitely caused a stink in the blogosphere.  It hit a nerve, possibly resulting in many aneurysms.

My next article will explore the relationship between Washington and Islam.

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