Hate Mail From a Friend of “Jihad Watch”

Whoever sent this envelope misspelled my name. It is Considine, not Considerine. Go figure. Note the top-left hand corner says “‘Liberty’ is not found in Islam.” Sent in response to my latest article on the connection between the Prophet Muhammad and George Washington in the Huffington Post.

Hate mail from Jihad Watch Org

4 thoughts on “Hate Mail From a Friend of “Jihad Watch”

  1. read your that column! its nothing abusing nor insulting for nayone! A genuine comparison of two souls of noble character should have no issues at all!


  2. No name or return address? In my book, that makes the comments/ opinions (in this case the mail) completely invalid. One must stand behind ones words with integrity. — And “JihadWatch. org”? They do not realize they have become what they consider the “evil” they themselves fear. — Even though this fear and hatred exists, when looking at the bigger picture, I do believe the human race is evolving spiritually. Those so full of anger and hate will either begin to look inside themselves and grow, or become extinct. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, its simply my truth.


    1. Indeed, you’ve really hit the issue on the head. It’s a bit silly and ironic that people criticize extremism with equally extremist points! I must point out that I really value your comments on this blog. You always manage to raise the more significant, deeper issues behind these problems in society. I share your opinion that the issues here lie deep within troubled souls. I think we should pray for them.


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