Akbar the Great a Pioneer in Interfaith Dialogue

Akbar the Great of the Mughal Empire
Akbar the Great of the Mughal Empire

Akbar the Great, ruler of the Mughal Empire during the late 16th and early 17th century, was a true pioneer of interfaith dialogue. Akbar’s desire to build interfaith bridges is clear in a letter he wrote in 1582 to King Philip II of Spain”

“As most men are fettered by bonds of tradition, and by imitating ways followed by their fathers… everyone continues, without investigating their arguments and reasons, to follow the religion in which he was born and educated, thus excluding himself from the possibility of ascertaining the truth, which is the noblest aim of the human intellect. Therefore we associate at convenient seasons with learned men of all religions, thus deriving profit from their exquisite discourses and exalted aspirations.”

Here is my Huffington Post Religion article and a short documentary I put together for you to learn more about the life and tolerance of Akbar the Great:


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