Politicizing the Marathon bombings in a Boston church

How would Pope Francis I respond to anti-Islam comments?
How would Pope Francis I respond to anti-Islam comments?

I felt very discouraged at Mass this morning. The priest virtually incited hatred of Islam. In paraphrasing he said something like “The Boston Marathon bombings was part of the global jihad of Islamic supremacists on Christians.” He followed these loaded statements by talking about evil, the devil and how Islam has basically “always been this way.”

These threatening words are careless at best. Throwing the word jihad in a sermon without any context or discussion of the various forms of jihad might lead worshippers to believe that jihad is about only mass murder and destruction. The speech also hits on all the major stereotypes like “Muslims are inherently violent” and “Islam supports terrorism.” It’s truly shameful behaviour, especially considering it came from a “holy man.”

I don’t know about other worshippers, but I go to church for spiritual reasons, not to hear about someone’s political beliefs. I also don’t attend Mass to indulge in fear mongering. If I wanted to do that I would go to a lecture by some prominent bigot who bashes Islam for a living.

Politicizing the Marathon bombings, especially in a holy space, is outrageous and radical. I can only imagine what Pope Francis I, who has spoken so openly about improving relations between Catholics and Muslims, would say about these inflammatory remarks.

I plan on meeting with the priest and handing him a copy of the documentary I made called “Journey into America,” which examines American identity through the lens of Muslims and which calls for a return to the pluralist vision of the American founding fathers.

3 thoughts on “Politicizing the Marathon bombings in a Boston church

  1. Your experience at mass this morning is very disturbing. Sadly the priest fails to realize that Islam has in fact not always been “this way” (meaning radical). And he also seems not to realize that the actions over the past week of the Tsarnaev brothers and others like them do NOT reflect mainstream Islam or Muslims. Yes, I agree, his message was threatening and an attempt to incite more hatred between Chrisitans and Muslims. Sadly when most people hear the word “jihad” they immediately think “terrorism.” No one ever tells them the word has various meanings. No one bothers to inform them that true jihad is the struggle within every man and woman’s soul.

    I am saddened that the priest chose to hand out this message today. This should be a time of healing and compassion not one of more hatred and prejudice. I also find it sad he chose to perpetuate stereotypes and even say that “Muslims are inherently violent” and “Islam supports terrorism.” Sorry but his words are NOT true! In fact his words are outright lies! Radical Islam does NOT represent the MAJORITIY of Muslims nor Islam! Yes, shameful behavior to say the least demonstrated by the priest this morning.

    Obviously your priest had a political agenda this morning so he shares something in common with the terrorists and I hope he realizes that. Islamic terrorism is a political agenda and NOT a spiritual agenda. All this priest did was fan the flames of fear. Do any of us really need more fear? I completely agree with you when you say that politicizing the Marathon bombings in a holy place is “outrageous and radical.” That’s what radical Muslim leaders do as well btw. They politicize everything in their sermons and inspire people to turn to SIN and become killers. I guess it is so when they stand before God they can enjoy being condemned to Hell or something. Fact of the matter is that murder and terror are SINS in mainstream Islam and every mainstream Muslim knows it. To bad your priest did not bother to mention this just as radical Imams don’t bother to mention it either.

    I hope you do meet with this priest and give him a copy of “Journey into America” as it may open his eyes a bit…maybe. Anything any of us can do no matter what our faith to educate others is worth the try.

    Sadly Craig there are so many lies and myths and misinformation about Islam as there is with what ought to be happening in terms of compassion and cooperation between the “People of the Book” (Muslims, Christians, and Jews). Exposing those lies and correcting misinformation is a difficult task but it is one we must all achieve. This hatred and this fear MUST end for everyone of every faith!

    I suppose the priest did not bother to mention that the older Tsarnaev brother had been kicked out of the mosque he was attending 3 months ago. I assume he also did not bother to mention that Boston area Imams are saying they will not conduct funeral services for him as they believe murder is a sin and he turned away from God with his actions this past week proving that so. Both of these media stories appeared this morning in the Huffington Post FYI. Instead what this priest chose to do was to fan the flames of hatred and confirm people’s fears that all Muslims are blood thirsty killers. Sorry but that is just not true! I will pray for this priest that God will enlighten him to Truth so he might one day see through the lies he preached this morning.



    1. Thank you for this important message. I couldn’t agree with you more. You and I think alike.


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