U.S. State Department report means the battle for tolerance and understanding goes on

In Hebrew "Tikkun Olam" means "to hear a fractured world"
In Hebrew “Tikkun Olam” means “to hear a fractured world”

A new report carried out by the U.S. State Department found that discrimination against Jews and Muslims is on the rise around the world. This is discouraging news for those who are involved in efforts to improve relations among members of the Abrahamic tradition. The report, which is called the International Religious Freedom Report, concludes that anti-Islamic sentiment is on the rise across the European Union and the Asian continent. Similarly anti-Semitism is increasing worldwide, especially in Venezuela, Egypt and Iran. In Egypt in particular, anti-Semitic statements are rife in the media, with some commentators suggesting the Holocaust was a hoax. I haven’t read the report yet, but I’m hoping attention was also given to the persecution of Christians worldwide, especially those in Egypt and Pakistan.


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