Representative Mike Pompeo Makes No Sense

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

I am very upset to hear of this shocking news coming from Capitol Hill. Representative Mike Pompeo suggested recently that all Muslim Americans are complicit in terrorist attacks.

Representative Pompeo needs to read an article I wrote for the Huffington Post. There is no greater sacrifice for a citizen than to give his or her own life for their country during war.

Please, Representative Pompeo, read this article and tell me what you think.

Representative Pompeo’s remarks do not reflect the pluralist vision of the American founding fathers. I have documented their relationship to Islam on many occasions

I looked at the founding documents of Islam and the U.S. to suggest that the Prophet Muhammad and the founding fathers were kindred spirits.

I have examined the life of George Washington to find that he was a friend to the Muslims in his midst.

I have also compared how Muhammad and Washington would respond to prisoners of war and hate speech.

What would George Washington or Muhammad say about Representative Pompeo?

I know Washington wouldn’t call him a patriot.

Muhammad would have tried to open his heart and mind.

How does Representative Pompeo respond to this?
How does Representative Pompeo respond to this?

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