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Letter to Pope Francis on Child Sex Abuse Scandal

St. Peter's, Rome (Copyright Craig Considine)
St. Peter’s, Rome

Dear Pope Francis,

I have had the utmost admiration for you. Your new leadership in terms of interfaith relations, especially with Muslims, is such a breath of fresh air. You are such a welcoming leader. We can see it in your beautiful smile. We can see it in your everyday actions.

You have made us proud to be Catholic again. We love your warmth, your kindness. You have brought new life into our Church.

But there is just this one thing, Pope Francis.

You must take a firm stand against the continuing child sex abuse scandal.

This is an on-going scandal which is so gross, so against the most basic teachings of our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ.

How can we look up to our Church leaders if they are criminals?

How can we look up to our Priests if they are following such a misguided path?

We need leadership, Pope Francis!

How can I be proud to be Catholic if the leaders of my Church are covering up crimes for criminals?

How can I go to Church knowing that the man conducting the Eucharist might be complicit in a horrible sex crime?

Pope Francis, it is time for you to take a very firm stand against this completely unacceptable development in our Church.

It is time for you to send a loud message to the world saying that these crimes have no place in the Catholic Church.

I am one of your young and bright leaders. I attend Mass everyday. I give thanks to God. I am proud to be Catholic. I receive the Eucharist everyday. I take my faith seriously.

But when these reports continue to leak, when the cover-up at the highest levels of the Church persist, it makes me want to rip my eye balls out. It makes me want to quit the Church entirely.

You are at risk of losing an entire generation of young leaders. This should not come as a surprise to you. The Church-going numbers are already down to abysmal levels.

It is time for you to take action. In the name of God and Jesus Christ, please!

Craig Considine

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