So What if a Christian Writes About Muhammad

Letter Muhammad sent to Christian monks at St. Catherine's, Mt. Sinai
Letter Muhammad sent to Christian monks at St. Catherine’s, Mt. Sinai

Some critics find it odd that I am a Christian who writes about Muhammad. Haters see my articles as odd and even worse – sacrilegious – because I give praise to the founder of Islam, a religion often portrayed as “evil” around the world.

However, as you will see in these articles, there is nothing wrong with writing about Muhammad, a man who cared deeply for human rights and had immense respect for Christians and Christianity.

  • My recent article examining a letter Muhammad sent to Egyptian Christians in 628 AD showed how the prophet of Islam cared deeply for religious freedom and protecting vulnerable communities.
  • “A new perspective of ‘jihad’ in Christianity and Islam” caused a stir in the blogosphere. The article looked at how Islamic and Christian holy scripture have similar perspectives on the importance of ‘jihad’, or struggling with one’s faith.
  • An article from May 2013 compared the founding documents of both Islam and the U.S. to show how Islamic and American principles are not as dissimilar as many people imagine.
  • Earlier in 2013, another of my articles looked at how Muhammad and George Washington, the American founding father, shared nearly identical views on certain behavioral rules and particular social values.
  • A shorter article from 2013 examined how these two great men had similar perspectives on curtailing hate speech. I have also compared the views of Muhammad and Washington on treating prisoners of war.
  • A final article from 2012 shared the story of the “Muhammad statue” inside the U.S. Supreme Court, a building which serves as a potent symbol for tolerance, American pluralism, and the respect that Americans have for Muhammad and Islam.


3 thoughts on “So What if a Christian Writes About Muhammad

  1. I think you are doing splendid work here. I did look at the original document sent to the St. Catherine’s, however with my limited knowledge, I can pick out some issues with it. I do not doubt that there could have been an original letter sent and it sounds like something our Prophet would do, however the document itself doesn’t seem authentic. Looking at the more advanced style of calligraphic writing and comparing it to the style used at the time of the Prophet, there is big difference, as the script is very well developed. The hand print is also something unusual as he rarely signed off any documents with a hand print, let alone such a detailed one. The drawings are also unusual for the period as minarets did not exist at the time of the Prophet and a later introduction.

    Either way, I think it is a special testament to the Prophetic message that he continued from Jesus, Moses and all those before him.

    May God keep you on the path of truth and well being and give you success in this world and the next.


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