"Stereotypes" Courtesy of
“Stereotypes” Courtesy of

”Modern life is hurried and multifarious…there is neither time nor opportunity for intimate acquaintance. Instead we notice a trait which marks a well known type, and fill in the rest of the picture by means of the stereotypes we carry about in our heads…the subtlest and most pervasive of all influences are those which create and maintain the repertory of stereotypes. We are told about the world before we see it. We imagine most things before we experience them. And those preconceptions…govern deeply the whole process of perception. They mark out certain objects as familiar or strange, emphasising the difference, so that the slightly familiar is seen as very familiar, and somewhat strange as sharply alien…they are aroused by small signs…aroused, they flood fresh vision with older images and project into the world what has resurrected in memory.” [Walter Lippmann in Public Opinion (1922)]


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