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A Refutation of Robert Spencer’s Post on Professor Akbar Ahmed

Professor Akbar Ahmed
Professor Akbar Ahmed

Published on Loon Watch

Robert Spencer, the administrator of the blog JihadWatch, is known for painting all Muslims as extremists. In a recent post titled “Akbar Ahmed, advocate of ‘dialogue,’ claims ‘Islamophobes’ are ‘linking Islam to violence, terrorism and intolerance,” Spencer argues that Professor Ahmed, the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington, DC, is “disingenuous” in promoting interfaith dialogue and interested in converting non-Muslims to Islam. Spencer also calls him an “Islamic supremacist” and likens him to Sayyid Qutb, the 20th century Muslim extremist.

To refute Spencer’s accusations, I will look to the example of Professor Ahmed and his relationships with non-Muslims, through which he promotes interfaith dialogue. In doing so, I prove that he is a leading Muslim figure in the fight against religious extremism and that not all Muslims are extremists, as Spencer claims.

I am a Roman Catholic student and assistant to Professor Ahmed, who is like a father to me. He does not treat me differently for being Catholic because he sees Christians and Muslims as equal members of the Abrahamic family. In 2008, Professor Ahmed and his wife had dinner at our family home in suburban Boston. Over Italian food, he shared with my mother, a Roman Catholic and Italian American, several stories of his childhood days in Pakistan. He was educated by Christians at Forman Christian College in Lahore and at Burn Hall in Abbottabad, which was run by Roman Catholic priests. Touching upon these experiences in the recent New York Times article “Pakistan’s Persecuted Christians,” Professor Ahmed wrote: “We loved and respected our Christian teachers, and they us. We never doubted that harmony and cooperation between faith groups were not only possible, but also completely normal. It was the reality of our lives.” Religious tolerance was built into Professor Ahmed’s life from his earliest days, which is why he is naturally inclined to speak and write about how Muslims and non-Muslims can coexist.

Professor Akbar Ahmed (right) celebrating Christmas with Christians in Pakistan.
Professor Akbar Ahmed (right) celebrating Christmas with Christians in Pakistan.

Professor Ahmed has also risked his own life in trying to build bridges between his Muslim and Christian friends in Pakistan. In December 2013, he gave a lecture at Forman Christian College, despite the police warning that the Pakistani Taliban had dispatched bombers to the city as an act of revenge for the killing of a former Pakistani Taliban leader. Professor Ahmed’s lecture titled “Building Bridges over Troubled Waters” demanded that Muslims be more tolerant of Christianity and other non-Muslim faiths in Pakistan. By supporting the rights of non-Muslims, he advocates for religious freedom and equality in a country which is rife with discrimination and persecution.

Developing friendships with Christian leaders has always been a priority for Professor Ahmed. After the events of September 11th, 2001, he befriended former Bishop John Chane of the Washington National Cathedral, with whom he co-authored an article with him in 2010 titled “Christians senselessly tormented by extremists in Muslim world.” Professor Ahmed and Bishop Chane called for Muslims to “think of Jesus, so highly revered and loved by both Christians and Muslims,” as a way of building respect and harmony among followers of Christianity and Islam. Instead of supporting Muslims who attack Christians, Professor Ahmed challenges them on how persecuting non-Muslims is contrary to Prophet Muhammad’s philosophy on tolerance.

Professors Judea Pearl and Akbar Ahmed
Professors Judea Pearl and Akbar Ahmed

Alongside his relationships with Christian friends, Professor Ahmed has also developed a powerful friendship with Professor Judea Pearl, a Jew and father of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street journalist who was murdered by Muslim extremists in Karachi, Pakistan in 2002. One year later, the American Jewish Committee invited Professors Ahmed and Pearl to lead a nation-wide public dialogue on the divisions between Muslims and Jews. In 2006, they were among the recipients of the first annual Purpose Prize “in recognition of [their] simple, yet innovative approach to solving one of society’s most pressing problems.” Professor Ahmed collaborated with Professor Pearl in order to carve the path for Jewish and Muslim understanding and to promote the dialogue between, and not the clash of, civilizations.

On several occasions, I also personally witnessed Professor Ahmed’s appreciation for Judaism and Jewish leaders in the United States. Upon embarking on “Journey into America,” a fieldwork study we conducted in 2008 and 2009 to understand American identity through the lens of Muslims, he asked Rabbi Susan Talvi of St. Louis, Missouri to bless our project and pray for our safe travels. Rabbi Talvi opened her blessing with one of Professor Ahmed’s favorite Jewish sayings: tikkun olam, or “to heal a fractured world.” He often uses tikkun olam in his lectures around the world as a way to inspire people of all backgrounds to look at Judaism in a more positive light.

Spencer’s accusations of Professor Ahmed are far-fetched conspiracy theories. By ignoring reality, as he so typically does, Spencer once again shows that he is nothing more than a bigot and propagandist.


22 thoughts on “A Refutation of Robert Spencer’s Post on Professor Akbar Ahmed

  1. Spencer has a personal agenda bent on hate in my opinion. I monitor his blog regularly and have been shocked by some of the misleading and twisted posts on it that are half baked and half informed. He’s a hate-monger as far as I’m concerned who seems to get off on demonizing any and all Muslims under the MISTAKEN assumption that we are all extremists and radicalized terrorists. Truth is we are NOT! But trying to get that across to Spencer is impossible.

    Professor Ahmed is absolutely correct. Harmony between the faiths is normal not the exception. The People of the Book (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) are suppose to dwell in harmony and peaceful coexistence according to the Qur’an. They are to have compassion and respect for each other. Muslims are not to be destroying mosques, synagogues, or churches as the Qur’an states clearly they are all places in which Allah is remembered and worshiped. Most Muslims need to seriously read the Qur’an and know what it does and does not say just as most Christians need to do the same with the Gospels and most Jews with the Torah. Professor Ahmed is also very correct in that the persecution of non-Muslims is CONTRARY to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur’an.

    Spencer’s attack on Professor Ahmed is uniformed, unjustified, and is designed purely to promote Spencer’s own misguided quest against Muslims today. He ignores the majority facts and instead pays attention to the minority twisted ideologies. I absolutely agree with you. Spencer is a bigot and a propagandist! He’s a hate-monger pure and simple! Of course he’s entitled to his own opinions about Muslims but, sadly, his opinions are misinformed and he ignores the facts about the majority of Muslims in America and all around the world.


    1. What does a physician do with a possible cancer looking spot on a patient? I would say that his first thought is to somehow destroy it by some surgical procedure and hopefully to eliminate it permanently from the patient…This same practice should be the number one priority in America before the problem becomes a cancer that will be much more difficult to destroy, and I believe Mr. Spencer should be advocating this surgical procedure ultimately and aggressively in his stand against dangerous people who will be a threat to the very lives of the American People….this ahmed fellow, if he is actually promoting co-existence of different faiths with islam, he should know that will never happen where islam is concerned because the book which the muslims profess as their holy book demands and teaches against such co-existence, thus, Mr. ahmed endangers his own life which will be in jeopardy and threatened with death by those same people he apparently believes in and supports; the muslim, jihad, Muhammad, islamists…unless he is playing a game they themselves support for their own ulterior motives…


  2. The freedom we have in this country allows such deceitful people as Spencer the right to free speech. Spencer, as dispicable as he is, is merely a symptom of the maladies in our society. He is a carpetbagger of the worst kind who solicits funds from like-minded individuals in an effort to secure individual personal wealth and insipid idolatry.

    Dr. Ahmed is a very brave man and has spent a lifetime promoting interfaith dialog while being insulted, threatened, and defamed by people like Spencer. Our society (and the world) needs more genuine people like you. One day Spencer will go back under his rock and disappear, but your work will continue lead by those that refuse to fall victim to the vitriol spewed by hate mongers like Spencer.

    Well done, Dr. Ahmed.


  3. To give him his full title the ,Rev Deacon Robert Spencer is one hate filled indevidual .
    Yup thats right he holds a post in a church affiliated with the Catholic Church and recognises the leadership of the Pope.
    Any Chance about having a word with this new Pope about this as the new pope seems a decent sort of chap ?
    For more information Check out Loonwatch or SpencerWatch

    The Greenmantle


  4. The purpose of Islam is to force everyone else to submit to the “will of Allah” by whatever means they can get away with. I’m a Jew and we don’t seek to convert anybody. Nor to dominate over anyone. Only to have our tiny Jewish state accepted and respected and nothing more.


    1. Nor to dominate over anyone…

      If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti – Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?
      David Ben Gurion

      I’ll leave it at that.


      1. OK, I do have to add… It is not your Judaism but your support of Zionism I object to. לא תגנוב – thou shalt not steal


      2. Why do you consider me nuts Chris? Is the quote Incorrect? Do I have to support the Israeli State to be sane in your mind? It is not the same as being anti-Semitic or being anti-Jewish (jews are not the only semites you know) to politically oppose its formation and state that it was built upon the oppression of others, as the leaders who supported its formation admitted, in fact glaringly boasted.

        I do not oppose it on religious grounds (claiming religious right to the land as a muslim) , but on ethical and moral, as well as legal, and I think that there should be a peaceful solution, but I cannot, and will not say that its formation was moral, ethical, or sanctioned by Judaism in its totality, or that those there today have any religious right to it either, for that would be false.

        I do not usually contribute here, and my comment was aggressive, I agree, but that does not make me a whack job, unless you think that interfaith dialog is simply ignoring facts and playing nice. To oppose Zionism is as anti-semitic as to oppose the shelling of civilians is anti-Islamic.

        I make that clear, but his comment sends the complete opposite message about the faith of Islam, that its sole purpose is to dominate and that the State of Israel is a victim through and through.

        If these are the feelings that you support, then you should take interfaith dialog out of your profile, for calling someone a nutjob is not dialog at all when you support the lies over the truth.


  5. If Muslims really want Jews to believe they are not all extremists and radicals, they will have to accept Israel as the Jewish state and respect Jewish rights to the Temple Mount as well.


  6. It isn’t really a “refutation” is it?

    This looks more like praise for Professor Ahmed, and vitriol directed towards Robert Spencer.

    With all due respect to someone who appears to be an outstanding individual, Professor Ahmed stumbled badly while side stepping Robert Spencer’s challenges, and this is something that is never addressed here.

    Robert Spencer writes – “As you can see here, during his segment Ahmed keeps sidestepping the problems with how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. When Lamb asks him about the violent passages in the Qur’an, he starts talking about Rumi and says nothing about the specific problematic passages of the Qur’an at all. He sidesteps a great deal more as well — not a sign of a man who is genuinely interested in honest dialogue.”

    Indeed, you can hear Professor Ahmed doing this “Rumi” thing repeatedly throughout the interview. It’s nice the Professor Ahmed likes Rumi, but to suggest, even for a moment, that Rumi will replace the Koran is beneath Professor Ahmed’s intellectual stature. Rumi Akbar!

    In general, Professor Ahmed can be seen, when he is not outright agreeing with Robert Spencer, engaging in false equivalencies, and tu quoque arguments.

    Robert Spencer is absolutely right when he says Professor Ahmed – ” sidesteps a great deal “.

    And, we have seen this before. Feisal Abdul Rauf, Salim al-Hassani, and now Professor Ahmed are all part of a piece: entrepreneurs, salesmen, and politicians trying to sell a wooden nickel.

    I also have to point out that proudly showing that this piece was picked up by Loonwatch shows a remarkable lack of sophistication on your part.

    Loonwatch is not a nice place. It is run by Hamas supporters, liars, braggarts, and bigots who go to amazing lengths to fraudulently stigmatize people they disagree with. They just stink up the joint.

    Here is my collection of Loonwatch outrages. I can’t tell you what to do, but my advice would be, do not associate Akbar Ahmed with Loonwatch. He has got enough trouble already.

    People who want to get back at Robert Spencer, or stop him, or get him killed, or what have you, should instead, think about stealing Robert Spencer’s thunder. That, of course, would mean actually reading him, and listening to him, and speaking to his concerns.

    That would require a strength of character that Professor Ahmed did not show when confronted with Robert Spencer’s challenges, but you can’t blame Robert Spencer for that; he wasn’t even in the room.


    1. I am disappointed Living engine does not call everyone at Loonwatch Dhimmis , practitioners of witchcraft and eaters of Babies . We have not seen you posting in some time dear chap or is it because you are banned for being an islamaphobic bigot or because you were made to look silly ,repeatedly.

      I would invite anyone to read what is said yourselves on Loonwatch, nearly everyone is grown up round here and can make up there own minds.

      As for your point Robert , sorry lLving engine if the Professor has in the past clearly condemned acts of terror will you ,sorry the Rev Deacon Robert Spencer apologize and dedicate his life to interfaith dialog as a man of peace and understanding .



  7. Just for the record, I am not Robert Spencer.

    It would be interesting if the author of this piece could perhaps put together another meeting between Professor Akbar, and Robert Spencer, this time in person, where they could share ideas.

    This meeting was ultimately unsatisfactory but it is useful as a good example of what is wrong with the interfaith dialogue, and we can learn from this.

    I never said Professor Ahmed wasn’t a nice guy, or that he didn’t have friends, or that he wasn’t engaged in interfaith dialogue.

    What I tried to convey is that his form of dialogue is highly unoriginal, and a waste of time.

    I also never accused Loonwatch of “witch craft” , and all the other nonsense that “Sir David ” specializes in. I said Loonwatch is a web site run by braggarts, liars, bigots, and Hamas supporters, and I mean exactly that. Loonwatch and their supporters are completely without honor.

    I hope you don’t like that, and want to do something about it over at –


    1. “Loonwatch is a web site run by braggarts, liars, bigots, and Hamas supporters, and I mean exactly that. Loonwatch and their supporters are completely without honor.”

      Surely you jest.

      Braggarts (what would the web be without them?) Liars (Proven Liars are banned and derided with facts) Bigots (Only if you believe that opposing bigotry makes you one), and HAMAS supporters (Actually I have been criticized on the site for supporting HAMAS [in their social and political activities], so I know that is not true).

      But I am not going to visit you Facebook page to “do something about it”.

      What I tried to convey is that his form of dialogue is highly unoriginal, and a waste of time.

      Sorry peaceful dialog doesn’t excite you. Try Showtime or HBO. Leave the BORING job of peace building to the mundane adults.


      1. Dear Timothy –
        No, I am not just throwing words around.

        I am talking you, and telling you the truth. I have backed up everything I claimed here about Loonwatch with facts on Facebook. Take a look.

        I have even made two videos about Danios, and Loonwatch.

        Here is one – Loonwatch and Hamas.

        Here is another – Return to Loonwatch: Danios Hooked

        I say braggarts because of Danios’ claim he wants to debate Robert Spencer, but never follows through. I have been observing Danios for sometime now, I don’t think he could handle me in a debate. Robert Spencer would ruin him, and Danios knows that that’s why the debate will never happen.

        I say liars because I have caught them lying in various forms over, and over, and over again, such as their insisting (over 10 different articles) claiming Anders Breivik was inspired to kill by R. Spencer.

        Loonwatch are bigots. They don’t Christians, they don’t Jews, they like Hindus. I have documented this at “Loonwatch is a Propaganda Hate Site”.

        Loonwatch, and Danios are partial to Hamas, and support things like the flotilla, a deadly PR stunt designed to benefit Hamas.

        It’s all there at “Loonwatch is a Propaganda Hate Site”.

        I am quite prepared to back up what I am saying about Prof. Ahmed’s double talk that is reminiscent of Tarek Ramadan, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and far too many others.


      2. Dear Mr. Constantine;

        I do not think the offer is genuine, but I encourage you to reject it. This reply was written from the heart, as I misread the threading and thought that the invitation was actually a response to me.

        THESE ARE NOT THE VIEWS OF Considine

        If you had invited me, though flattered I would have to reply:

        Dear LivingEngine,

        You probably would think I would be just the perfect stooge for that type of a setup. I am sorry, but I am too mature for you and will not fall for that one. Aside from my inclination to say you are a bluffing troll, I agree without a doubt that Robert Spencer and the hate for profit professionals would no doubt mop the floor with a lay person of my degree in a sophist analysis of the endless flaws of man. I do not have any experience in misery mining, so I am severely unqualified.

        You ask me to participate in an industry that is so evil it is second to none, other than maybe the military-prison-industrial complex it encourages.

        It is political corruption at its height, and a travesty to democratic ideals.

        I myself had had very quaint discussions with some very nice FBI agents and a few nasty ones in my lifetime, and I consider a punch in the gut by one of Americas finest an honor to be American compared to your request to help Robert Spencer in his quest for his share in the Suspicious Supremacist Ultranationalist Tabloid Industry empire.

        I felt most sad for the agents with tempers, but am equally angry at the their real justification of my mistreatment, and doubly at its source.

        I base this feeling mainly due to the results of the publically funded scheme of the same nature, led by think tanks, led in turn by hate publisher kingpins such as the Rev. and ilk. They began controlling our government policy long ago. Since that time they have become my unelected, for profit-propaganda-based, domestic and foreign policy makers of my otherwise workable democracy. I was raised to be a loyal citizen of my country in return for my honest representation. My generation had been lied to.

        My generation’s return on their investment gave us the Iranian Gas and hostage crisis then ironically Iran Contra, The defense of singular religious land occupation in the holy land, the Beirut bombings, Mogadishu, Fighting the ISS/CIA war in Kabul after the nasty divorce of the CIA/Al Qaeda/ISS alliance against the USSR. Finally the retaliatory alimony, resulting in 3000 dead men, women and children from all nations, colors, and faiths/No faith, both proudly serving serving several nations and civilians alike.

        This was at a time of utmost importance to our nation in its efforts to uphold its standing on both human dignity and the rule of law. It was their ignoring of these that brought on the wrath of their mistreated and CIA misguided bedmates, and us civilians both at home and abroad have paid the price ever since. The answer came in more of the same.

        I am now a civilian that has not been blinded, and I see how we are just your piggy bank, funding the return fire campaign in this revenge cycle, called the “war on terror”. To participate in your game is to give a political contribution to the design of death. It’s death for dollars once again, with even more relaxed regulation domestically and globally protecting the extortion racket and its funding purpose.

        As a proud American I defend my 1st Amendment right to tell you one thing.

        You can go to hell.

        Literally, I mean it.

        ašhadu ʾanla ilāha illal-Lāh, wa ʾašhadu ʾanna muḥammadan rasūlul-Lāh

        I do not care if the apostate is a traitor, but every man knows that the traitor is an apostate.

        My rights are God given, by Allah, both the constitution and my faith concur.

        The deal was never my life and my liberty for the pursuit of your kind’s happiness.

        Pretty much sums up liberty or death.

        It is not I as a Muslim, nor an American in me that should be on the defensive.

        But you, like I said doubly,

        For you offend both


  8. Mr. Considine –

    I am happy that I have managed to catch your attention. I am in email contact with Mr. Spencer, and I would like to explore the possibility of arraigning a face to face meeting/ debate/ discussion, what have you, between Prof. Ahmed, and Robert Spencer.

    Here are the recordings of Prof. Ahmed’s responses to Robert Spencer’s remarks, and as you can see, he side stepped answering what Spencer was talking about. Instead, Prof. Ahmed began talking about Rumi. He does this over, and over, and over again.


    I feel that such a meeting between these two would be a contribution to our under standing of “Interfaith dialogue”, and a good example of what is wrong with it.

    Let me know if you have any interest in this project, and if I can help in any way.

    I also wanted to let you know, that because of my posting here, I have watched “Journey into America”, and it is further confirmation of what I am saying about Prof. Ahmed, namely that he is not engaging in interfaith dialogue, but is an advocate for a radical Muslim point of view.

    “Journey into America” could be called “Journey into the Muslim Brotherhood in America” as time, and again Prof. Ahmed introduces the viewers to Muslim Brotherhood institutions, and individuals. Did you know this?

    If you did know this, but for the sake a the project decided not to go into it, that’s one thing , and I would be interested to hear what was involved in that decision process.

    However, if you did not know this, then Prof. Ahmed is doing you a great disservice, and I would suggest confronting him with this.

    I don’t know if this will help, it is just notes (if even that), but here is a partial annotation of “Journey into America”, and what I found wrong with Prof. Ahmed’s white washing of the Brotherhood in this country.

    Let me know what you think. or whether this dialogue is serving any useful purpose for you.

    “Journey into America”

    starting at –

    09:09 MAS mosque
    “The Muslim American Society (MAS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 that describes itself as an Islamic revival and reform movement.
    It was created after a debate among Muslim Brotherhood members in the U.S. about whether to remain underground or to have a public face. Both Mohammed Mahdi Akef, now the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, and Ahmed Elkadi, leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, were pivotal in the founding of the MAS in America.
    MAS has instructed its members to evade questions about the group’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and to define jihad as a “divine legal right” of Muslims to be used for defense and the spread of Islam.
    MAS leaders have said that these views are not now held by MAS leaders.”
    09:24 Gender inequality is “cultural”

    11:35 Muslims appropriating America

    12:16 W D Muhammad

    13:20 Luqman Ameen Abdullah is interviewed

    “Mr. Abdullah was imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque and was connected to a group known as “Ummah,” a brotherhood that seeks to establish a separate state within the U.S. that would be ruled by strict Islamic or Sharia law, the U.S. attorney’s office said.
    Ummah’s leader is Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, who is now serving time in a prison for the murder of two police officers in Georgia. He was a prominent Black Panther during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
    Mr. Abdullah had become a person of interest to the FBI several years ago, partly for espousing the use of violence against law enforcement. He has trained members of his group in the use of firearms and martial arts in anticipation of some type of action against the government, the U.S. attorney’s office said.”

    14:09 Farrakhan shown positively

    15:09 Message to the American people “Koran doesn’t say Jews are monkeys”

    18:45 Habeeb Quadri
    “Under the leadership of Quadri, the MCC Full Time School was the first Islamic school to participate in the internationally renowned Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC). Quadri has also worked with the local public school district to make accommodations for Muslim students in regards to prayer, swimming, and having Eid recognized by the whole district (more than 5,000 students). He is also involved in an initiative to have Arabic offered as a foreign language in high schools. ”
    – See more at:

    “”You know, we talk about the wars that are happening,” she said. “Our students might say, ‘Why are we still fighting in Iraq, or why are we still fighting in Afghanistan?’ And that opens up the entire context of 9/11, then we do go into it.”
    And for the most part, that’s how the MCC handles 9/11. It comes up in impromptu discussions in social studies class. Since 9/11 this Islamic school has also started explicitly teaching that extremism is wrong in religion classes.
    But at least one parent thinks the school should do more. That’s Khawaja Rizwan Kadir.”

    21:54 Munir Akhtar Chaudry a fund raiser for Sen. Obama, and Clinton, but very little on the web about him.

    “The Mother Mosque” and MPAC

    MPAC and Waj
    @ 7:00 GZ Mosque
    @ 8 national security is threatened by criticizing Muslims
    @ 9:00 criticism of Islam is astroturffed
    @ 11:00 tu quoque
    @12:00 Breivik

    [audio src="" /]

    MPAC and Qadhi
    @ 5:40 conflict between America, and Umma
    @20:55 compare Qahdi’s advise as per the Salifis to the Islamophobes
    @ 16:47 support for MB’s in Egypt
    [audio src="" /]

    MPAC and Esposito

    @ 30:00 Chomsky

    @31:16 Hamza Yusef

    @ 36:20 Pilgrims, and Plymouth Rock

    @ 39:53 and 44:33 911 and American zenophobia

    @43:00 “Obsession” the movie

    @57:40 Sheriff Baca and Hamas

    @58:20 Muzammil Siddiqi

    @59:00 CAIR is mentioned

    @1:06:00 Muslims and Bourbon Street

    @1:16:00 It hurts to be White

    @1:25:00 Keith Ellison is a great American

    @1:27:00 Lecturing America

    @1:30:40 Credits and closing


  9. After the Christmas pressure on Muslims to celebrate in this year and seeing Prof. Ahmad’s celebration of Christmas with Christians, I need to ask Mr. Considine whether any Christian/Jews prof. & students celebrated Muslims’ Eid together anywhere
    I respect all religions& their rituals/festivals, but I’m not agree to celebrate their Eid/festival together.
    The respect of the other religion is to allow their applications without bothering anyone, not celebrating Christmas or Ramadan Eid together as Christian or Muslims.
    Every religion should has their space& own customs that make peacefully the multicultural structures in society as Voltaire said.
    All humanbeings live on the earth to be tested by Allah/God. Any of us can’t judge anyone: Everyone is free to choose their life style/religion, anyone make any pressure on humans
    For Goddless people, everything is free, no criteria except the constitution of their countries.
    Lastly, I don’t interest the main subject of his article more than the Christmas celebration of a Muslim that’s not true such as ringing the Church bell& reciting Azan in Islam :
    Every religion has their own festivals to celebrate without mixing any of other religions& making pressure on the others to join in the celebration.
    Be&stay in peace,wassalam


  10. excellent submit, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t realize this.
    You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base


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