Debating “This House Would Ban the Burqa”

Source: religionnerd.com
Source: religionnerd.com

The University College Cork’s Philosophical Society has invited me to speak on the topic: “That This House Would Ban the Burqa.” The debate is scheduled for the 10th of March at 7:30pm. I will be speaking for roughly 15 minutes in opposition to the idea of banning the burqa.

The Philosophical Society is one of Europe’s oldest and largest student societies. Each week it hosts a debate or lecture on an issue of public interest, with guest speakers giving their perspective before a crowd of students.

Previous speakers at the Philosophical Society included Professor Noam Chomsky, Nobel-laureate John Hume, and Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald, among other notable people.

The Philosophical Society is hoping that the debate will spark a lively discussion on the burqa, and the merits and flaws in banning it in public use. The burqa is a particular sensitive matter in France, but also throughout the European Union.

How would you go about speaking in opposition to the idea of banning the burqa? I welcome and appreciate your insight.

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